Johnstown Fittest Family

We are delighted to launch the Johnstown Fittest Family. Over the course of the next four / five weeks we are asking you to get out and jog + log your miles (whether it be walking or running). Then come join us on April 30th at Shanganagh Park ( and run / walk your 5 km with us.

Here how it works;

  1. Here is a training plan that we hope works for you
  2. Come join us on Strava. We have created a club page on You will need to register on Strava and then come join the club. This can be used on your phone and record your sessions via your phone
  3. Using our social media pages, log you miles on Twitter and on Facebook and simply use the hashtag #jpafamily
  4. On April 30th, we will gather and run the / walk the 5k and celebrate together. The first member of the Johnstown Family home will be awarded the title of ‘Johnstown Fittest Family’

Please note: – In the next few days, we will be uploading a 5km Training Plan for you. Come join the fun

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