Welcome Back…and new beginnings!

It’s that time of year again… new school clothes and schools books, new teachers and assistants, schoolbags and pencil cases, fresh haircuts, excitement at meeting with school friends after a long sunny summer and nervous excitement for the newest arrivals in Junior Infants classes (and that’s just their parents!)

As the school year restarts and we begin to return to familiar school time and extra curricular rhythms, whether it is continuing the education odyssey or just starting out on it, the JPA would like to wish each and every pupil, parent and the teaching and administration staff all the very best in our girls and boys schools this year.

Keep a close eye on our website and social media channels over the coming academic year as the JPA engages with the school community supporting the parents and board of management with a range of initiatives, events and fundraisers throughout the school year.

As ever, if you think you would like to get involved in the JPA, or have a couple of hours a month to help out with the JPA just drop us a line at our contact page on this website – we’d be delighted to welcome you on board!

anonymous schoolgirls with backpacks walking together
Photo by Mary Taylor on Pexels.com

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