Family Subscription 2019/2020

We are delighted to advise you that the Johnstown Parents’ Association will continue its work following the Annual General Meeting on the 24th September 2019. Thanks to all the parents who attended and we hope you enjoyed the excellent Internet Safety Talk from Zeeko.

Welcome to Ruth, Janice, Sarah, Sam and Sarah who join us this year. The association aims to promote the school community by organising activities throughout the year.

The Parents’ Association does not have a fundraising role and we have some expenses for which we need your help. We would like to ask each family for a voluntary subscription of €10 for expenses to be covered in 2019/2020.

Contributions are needed for:
 The annual insurance premium is €205
 Costs for speakers and events such as Ice Cream Day!
 Catering costs to cover the Communion and Confirmation events.

Please return your donation to the school in the envelope provided with your name and class where it will be collected or if you prefer to pay electronically, please use the following details:

BIC: ULSB IE 2D IBAN: IE59 ULSB 9859 5076 1833 69

Please note that any excess funds raised by the association are donated back to the school. We appreciate your support and thank you in advance. Yours sincerely,
Christine Higgins

JPA Class Groups
It has come to our attention that some parents of the Junior Infants Girls’ School classes have not yet joined the class WhatsApp group. These groups are helpful for sharing communications from JPA, homework queries and also for organising parties and events.

A class representative has been assigned to each junior infant class:
Ms Raymond – Sinead Peacock
Ms Reid – Jane Rush
Ms Breen – Allison Kearney & Karen Bennett

If you would like to join the class WhatsApp group approach your class rep and provide your phone number or go to our website and log your details:

JPA Calendar 2020 22nd October 2019
It is that time of year again where we plan for the JPA School Calendar. The themes for each class are the same as last year:

Junior InfantsPrincess/Superheroes
Senior InfantsValentines
SecondSt Patricks Day
FourthHappy New Year
FifthSports Jerseys
SixthCrazy Hair
The MeadowEaster

Save the Date: Table Quiz
Our table quiz will be on Friday 8th November @ 7.30pm. To book a table of 4 (2 Adults 2 Kids) e-mail

We are always looking for prizes for raffles and events. If you have your own business and would like to donate a prize it would be much appreciated.

JPA is Going Green
To save paper, all JPA correspondence will be issued in the future via our website circulation list.

Sign up for future JPA updates and events by clicking on the follow button on the bottom right-hand side of the JPA website or if you use facebook or Twitter we are there too.

If you would like to get in touch with the JPA, you can contact us by email,

JPA Newsletter - Family Subscriptions
JPA Newsletter.

Autumn Newsletter 2019

Welcome Back Everyone!

Hello from the Johnstown Parents’ Association and welcome to our first newsletter for this school year. We hope all the boys and girls have settled back into school. It is going to be another fun and exciting year! JPA Meetings As a parent/guardian, you are an automatic member of our Parents’ Association. Your ideas and support will be crucial in helping to make the Parents’ Association a success.

The JPA Committee meets on the first Tuesday of every month at 8.15pm. All parents/ guardians are invited to attend. Our Annual General Meeting is Tuesday 24th September@7.30pm Class Representatives Every year we ask two parents from each Junior Infant class to volunteer as class representatives.

There are usually two class representatives for each class in the boys’ and girls’ schools. The role involves maintaining the class contact list and passing on information regarding JPA events. It has come to our attention that some classes do not have a representative. If you don’t have a class representative and wish to volunteer please contact the JPA on

JPA Family Subscription

The Parents’ Association aims to promote the school community by organising activities throughout the year. The subscription is €10 per family but whatever you can afford will be much appreciated. Please return your donation to the school where it will be collected or if

you prefer to pay electronically,

please use the following bank details:

IBAN: IE59 ULSB 9859 5076 1833 69

JPA Calendar 2020 It is that time of year again where we plan for the JPA School Calendar. We are organising the dates with the schools for taking class photos. The themes for each class are the same as last year and are as follows:

Class Theme Junior Infants Princess /Superheroes

Senior Infants Valentines First Halloween

Second Class St Patricks Day

Third Christmas Fourth Class Happy New Year

Fifth Sports Jerseys

Sixth Crazy Hair The Meadow Easter

Download the PDF HERE.


Tuesday 24th September 2019 Time: 7.30 pm

Venue: Johnstown Girls’ School Date:

Author of Weaving Wellbeing Fiona Forman announced for this years JPA AGM

Helping Children to Manage Stress and Strong Emotions

Johnstown Parents’ Association are delighted to inform you that we have organised for Fiona Forman author of ‘Weaving Well-being’ to speak to parents at our next Annual General Meeting.

Fiona is a regular media contributor on children’s well-being and has spoken on this subject at conferences at both national and international level. Fiona is passionate about the mental health and well-being of children and in helping them to achieve their true potential. Fiona has designed and implemented a well-being programme which has received immensely positive feedback. She has delivered talks to parents and teachers on Positive Psychology and its application to education. For further information: As this event is sponsored by the JPA and supported by the schools we hope it will be well attended by parents/guardians. To book your place, please e-mail
If you have any suggestions for future talks/ training programmes, please e-mail JPA connect or contact us through our website,

We would love to hear from you!

Hello to all parents!

We would like to welcome everyone back to the new school year and a special welcome to the new parents joining the school.
We hope all the boys and girls have settled back in nicely. It’s going to be another fun & exciting year with all our events and new plans!!!
We would like to bring your attention to a very important event coming up:

Annual General Meeting.

The 2018 JPA AGM details are as follows:
Date: Thursday 20th September
Time: 7.30pm
Venue: Johnstown Boys School

Please note:
As the majority of the committee members are leaving this year, your Parents Association needs you!

The following is just a brief idea as to what is involved with being a member:
– One evening a month for meetings
– Willing to help with organising the fun activities for the boys and girls
– Helping to support the school social events
– Enthusiasm and a team player

The JPA raises approximately €10,000 per annum which is shared between the schools.

These funds are paid towards:
• Ice Cream day
• Communion and Confirmation breakfasts
• School Graduation
• Easter Art Competition
• 6th Class Social
• School Donations

Without new committee members, none of this can happen. We encourage you all to come along to the AGM.

Best regards,
James, Paula, Lynne, Bernadette, Elaine, Siobhan, Caroline, Fiona, Gemma, Tim & Joe.



The Johnstown Parents Association AGM




Agenda for the Annual General Meeting of the Johnstown Parents Association, to be held at Our Lady of Good Counsel, Johnstown Boys National School, on December 12th, 2017 at 7.00 p.m.

1. Chairpersons Address
To include a report on work, fundraising events and general activities of the
Association over the last year.
2. Financial Update/ Treasurers Report.
3. Report on the work of The National Parents Council (By Chairperson)
4. Principals Address –
Principals, or their representatives, will be invited to address the meeting.
5. Election of Officers
6. Any other business

Johnstown Parents’ Association AGM


Johnstown Parents’ Association AGM takes place Tuesday 26th September at 7.30pm in the boys school hall.

All welcome! Tea/coffee will be served. We look forward to seeing everyone there, JPA.

Please contact us if you’d like to join and be an active member of our school association.


Minutes of the Annual General Meeting

Minutes of the AGM of the JPA held at The Girls School Hall on the 14th September, 2016 at 7p.m.

  1. The Chairman addressed the meeting thanking the JPA, school staff and parents for their support. It was noted that although the attendance was good in comparison to other years it was low in proportion to the numbers of pupils.
  1. The income and expenses of JPA were distributed and reviewed with a combined contribution of €8,000 being made and donated to the schools.
  1. 6th Class Social
  • This is confirmed as taking place in the Boys school hall from 8-10pm on Thursday 30th June
  1. The committee elections took place with the following members being elected;
  • James Dunne as Chairman
  • Natalie Greenan as Secretary
  • Lynn Lawlor was as Treasurer
  • David Horan as co-treasurer
  • Emer Fitzgerald as vice-chairperson (in her absence)
  • Brianan Byrne
  • Elaine Murray
  • Lynne Murto
  • Bernadette Cummins
  • Edwina Mullan
  • Alison Kearney
  • Caroline Vance
  • Paula Koechlin
  • Stefan Teehan


It was noted that the constitution only allows 10 committee members but that this could and should be amended.

Carolann Kestell and Alan Brady stood down as Committee members.  Their contribution was noted and much appreciated.

  1. Joe Garde volunteered to help re-vamp the JPA website and his help was gratefully accepted.
  1. Some parents had questions for the principals who undertook to reply to any queries directly.
  1. The first JPA meeting was arranged (post AGM) for Wednesday 21st September at 8.15pm at the Boys School.

​AGM NOTICE: 14th September 2016, 7pm


Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of the JPA, to be held at the Girls school hall on Wednesday 14th September, 2016 at 7 pm for the following purposes;

1. The Chairman’s review

2. To review the income and expenses of the JPA

3. Election of Committee

4. To schedule the next meeting 

5. Any other business


We are very happy to announce that our AGM speaker this year will be renowned economist and Johnstown alumnus David McWilliams.  

Below is the introduction he was given at the Joint Committee of Inquiry into the Banking Crisis:

“David McWilliams is an economist, writer, broadcaster and journalist. He worked initially as an economist with the Central Bank of Ireland, the Union Bank of Switzerland and Banque Nationale de Paribas. Since 1999 he has been a broadcaster, writer, economic commentator and documentary maker. He has written four books, writes two weekly economic columns and he has made various documentaries. He has brought a one man economic stand-up show to the stage at the Abbey Theatre. David McWilliams is credited with being one of the first economists to predict a boom in Ireland’s economy and for his predictions of an Irish property bubble building from 2000 to 2007 which would ultimately burst. He was the first to coin the phrase “ghost estates”. In January 2007, David McWilliams was selected as one of 250 young global leaders by the World Economic Forum and he is a regular speaker on the international circuit.”

David has kindly donated his much in demand time and will be speaking to us on Wednesday 14th September.  His wonderful ability to make economics accessible to all and his ability to predict economic trends will make this an unmissable event.  Please join us in welcoming David back to Johnstown!

Many thanks