Hello to all parents!

We would like to welcome everyone back to the new school year and a special welcome to the new parents joining the school. We hope all the boys and girls have settled back in nicely. It’s going to be another fun & exciting year with all our events and new plans!!! We would like toContinue reading “Hello to all parents!”

Family Subscription

Dear Parents, The Parents’ Association works to help the school enrich your child’s educational experience. It also aims to promote the school community by organising activities throughout the year. To ensure you are aware of these events and other school activities please sign up to our website http://www.jpaconnect.com and our class rep system. We intendContinue reading “Family Subscription”


Notice is hereby given that the Extraordinary General Meeting of the JPA, to be held at the Meadow on Thursday 29th September, 2016 at 8.10 pm for the following purpose; 1. To approve the proposed amendment to the Constitution to change the Committee members from 10 to 14. The proposal and 30 signatures required forContinue reading “EGM NOTICE”

Agenda for Committee meeting 21st September.

Agenda for the Meeting of the JPA, to be held at the Boys school on the 21st September, 2016 at 8.15 p.m. Welcome to new committee members & class reps Review of constitution to allow for more than 10 committee members Discussion on IT improvements following Joe Garde’s offer of help Discussion on advertising businessesContinue reading “Agenda for Committee meeting 21st September.”

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting

Minutes of the AGM of the JPA held at The Girls School Hall on the 14th September, 2016 at 7p.m. The Chairman addressed the meeting thanking the JPA, school staff and parents for their support. It was noted that although the attendance was good in comparison to other years it was low in proportion toContinue reading “Minutes of the Annual General Meeting”