Boys school charity event: chance to get rid of small change!

Some of the older boys will be going around the classes tomorrow to collect any spare change that we may have, all go to the grievance clinic that has been a huge help and support to some of the boys in the school over the years so if anyone has any change lying around please send it in with your son tomorrow. It would be greatly appreciated

Used uniforms & clothes recycling


Hi All,
Hope you all had a great midterm.
Dairin has asked us to send out a request for used uniforms as she is very low on stock.

1. There is a shortage of used uniforms especially for the older classes. Anyone who has uniforms, please contact Dairin directly on 086 8162091. There will be a big free New to You Uniform event at the end of the year.


2. Just to remind you about the Lenrec recycling. The next recycling event is on the May 20th so clear out your wardrobes and get the bags in by the 19th.